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And Jilly Came Tumbling After

Everyone has “the one that got away,” but what do you do when he comes back? That’s what homicide detective Gillian “Jilly” Delmar (a.k.a. the Wise Choice Herring heiress) is about to find out—in the middle of a murder investigation.

When objectionable Professor Reginald Breedlove of Jilly’s alma mater, Castleford College, dies under sinister circumstances, she catches the case. She also catches sight of criminal profiler Dr. Raphael Hanlon, her long-lost true love—and soon-to-be subject of an upcoming original Netflix series—for the first time in nearly two decades.

Can the pair rekindle their passion, heal old wounds, cure the hiccups, and find the killer before the scheming assassin strikes again?


Peculiar Parables for a Dubious Millenium

Peculiar Parables for a Dubious Millennium is a collection of curiously delightful fables aimed at sophisticated, slightly off-kilter kids and the proud parents who are raising them just outside the box, off the wall...and a little bit to the left of center. 


(Think Chicken Soup for the Sardonic Soul of the Princess Bride, or James Thurber and Jules Pfeiffer meet Edward Gorey and Oscar Wilde in a smack-down grudge match...with Lemony Snicket as referee.)



A Stray Dog's Tale

Beaten and abandoned, an urban pup finds herself dumped by the highway in the dead of night. Told in first-canine, Grrracie dishes the details of her harrowing adventure on the run.


After landing in an animal shelter, where she’s terrorized by a singing, dancing street mutt James Cagney Yankee Doodling his way through the mad-dog version of Public Enemy, the Musical, it looks as if all might be lost...


Or is it? 

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