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The Brief History of a Short Woman


A long time ago, in a galaxy that now seems quite far away, Judy Cole was one in a long succession of Editors-in-Chief of Playgirl magazine (a job title, that in retrospect, turned out to be a lot like being married to Henry VIII).


After being "axed" to leave for refusing to print unauthorized nude photos of Brad Pitt, Judy was tapped to write her first book, Playing For Keeps: Dating, Seducing and [Maybe] Marrying the Modern Man (Adams Media).

In addition to Playgirl, Judy served as chief cook and bottle washer for Today's Charlotte Woman, SexIs, and Vibrant Living magazine. She also scripted the guts of eight seasons for 
Twice as Good, a regional Emmy and Taste Award-winning, STEM-centric, PBS cooking and travel program for kids.


Her work has been featured in Creative Loafing, SKIRT!, Nerve, Charlotte Magazine, Draft (all things beer), Business North Carolina, North Carolina Health News, Men's Fitness, and the Good News Network.

Judy's published fiction includes Grrracie! A Stray Dog's Tale and a collection of slightly off-kilter, not-exactly-for-children's stories, Peculiar Parables for a Dubious MillenniumAnd Jilly Came Tumbling After is her first novel.


The author and her menagerie of rescue dogs and cats currently reside a stone's throw—if you have the ambition and a really strong arm—from Charlotte, North Carolina.

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